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I go to uni, I live in a student town, and generally everyone is pretty into partying and drinking a shit ton.Now that it's the holidays, I have time to reflect on it all and consider if I should be like that next year or not.It's really a decision I think you should make ahead of time.Last year, I went away assuming I would drink every weekend, smoke weed sometimes, and maybe do MDMA or shrooms or acid (again) or whatever.But, I was 17 at the start of the year and I didn't know anyone and it was pretty uncomfortable for me to try to obtain alcohol and would only take it if someone directly offered it to me and people usually don't want to give you loads to drink because it costs money.I didn't know of anyone doing any illegal drugs in O-Week. I mean when I was younger and dumber (and also depressed) I used to mix antihistamine with alcohol, which does make you feel drunk and I'd gotten high on sleeping pills and various OTC shit multiple times. Anyway, I hate how people try to pressure each other to drink more. They never really have to pressure me, because I enjoy drinking, but there will always be a kid who doesn't want to drink and a couple of drunk assholes will egg them on, telling them "You HAVE to." It drives me crazy, but I'm not going to try to start anything with anyone who is intoxicated. There are also a couple of times when I drank nothing, and people have assumed I was drunk. I'm pretty sure because everyone else was drunk, and I wasn't acting super awkward.

OR they're one of those annoying people who can get totally wasted, and wake up six hours later feeling fresh as fuck and go to the gym. Even as a second year law student, I think I would have time other than in exam period, as long as I studied during the day.You can drink up to 14 drinks a week as a female without having a drinking problem, although I can't imagine myself drinking THAT much.Drinking problems and addictions do run in my family, on both sides, but I definitely don't have an addictive personality.I don't drink alone, I have like 4 or 5 drinks if I go out drinking, sometimes less, and fuck it I'm young. I thought people would judge me for drinking "too much", but they don't because so many people do. I don't really get hangovers, other than when I projectile vomited everything out of stomach. They say, "drinking problem" or "hazardous/ harmful drinking" or "alcohol use disorder". I wouldn't really say that, but sometimes I'm not sure. Of course my plan for the year is, as always, to work hard, play hard.Yeah I guess clubbing/ partying is a somewhat dangerous environment and I'm increasing my chances of like being raped, but I can't live in fear and that's just victim-blaming. Frances (my friend from law who was crying before the exam) got a 77 and the cut off last year was a 76, which means that she could still not get in, but I think she probably will. Take care of myself, have fun, be fun, I don't know, god I'm done I'm gonna go exercise.

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