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MIGHTY MUTANIMALS Slash(Corey Feldman) An immensly strong but kind and compassionate mutant Tortoise and the leader of the Mighty Mutanimals and an ally of the Ninja Turtles as well as Raph's pet.During the events of Slash and Destroy he was mutated into a hulking teal terrapin and the mutagen warped his mind and bruised Donnie Mikey and Leo only to be defeated by Raph with a nerve pinch.He often helps Ninja Turtles during the events from TMNT 2012 series along with the other mutants.He met KING-MERA when he looked for his other members and was defeated and he was then imprisoned by the KING-MERA who found Leatherhead Monkey Brains K-Modo Vulturkrowbeak Mondo Gecko and Sorcer-Griffin and who teamed up to fight KING-MERA and became the leader of the Mighty Mutanimals.He and K-Modo argue over when it comes to planning on missions which is similar to Leo and Raph but in the end they respect each other.Leatherhead(Peter Lurie) A fierce looking but benign mutant American Alligator and the enforcer of the Mighty Mutanimals. He was once an hatchling who was raised by Jackson(Mondo Gecko) until his parents found out and they flushed him down in the sewers.He was founded by the Kraang and giving him horrific mutagen experiments turning into a green muscular reptile and he went on a murderous rampage if he hears the word Kraang.He stole a Power Cell from the Kraang which the turtles used it to power the Shellraiser.

although he was just a troubled boy who lives in Michigan who ran away to New York after his parents have died of car accident.

He was captured by WAR-Bots and was mutated into a grey skinned muscular reptile who has strength agility sharp claws and the ability to spit acidic saliva(thanks to the mutagen laced with Komodo Dragon DNA).

Upon meeting Slash at first he was aggressive to him and he was good friends.

He has trusting issues with the other members of the Mutanimals but he gets along with Slash because he's the leader.

He creates an armour with laser blasters on his wrists detonator axes missile launchers and lots more.

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