Updating the currently checked out branch may cause confusion single black man dating services

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I've always used git before, but I want to contribute to python so now I have to learn mercurial and I find it very frustrating.

So, I've made a couple of small patches and I wanted to track them as commits in my local mercurial repository.

Apparently there are 4 ways to handle branching in mercurial.

1 and 4 looked completely ridiculous to me, named branches seem to be heavyweight and I feel that I'm not supposed to use them for quick 1-commit fixes, so I used bookmarks.

Now, my patch gets rejected and I want to remove one of my bookmark-branches from my repository.

OK, in git I would just force-delete my branch and forget about it, so I delete my bookmark and now I have following problems: Personally, for your scenario, I wouldn't bother even creating a branch, unless I was working on multiple changes, each of which would need to be accepted by the core developers.

Just clone their repository and work in it, then make a pull request.

If I were to use a branch then I'd rather use named branches.

The "Using clone" option should satisfy your requirements. This is a mistake I made with Mercurial when I was new to it. Some of them are very powerful tools and often they later get pulled into the core product. If you need one to perform a specific task, get it and use it. The hash codes are the important identifiers that will pass from repo to repo. Revision numbers are just a handy and more memorable shortcut when working with a single repo.

Revising history is considered a bad thing in the Mercurial world, so the vanilla product doesn't always have everything that a Git user thinks it should have, but there are plenty of plugins for those who want to use the application but have different priorities. Revision numbers are inconsistent across repositiories. Even when Mercurial and Git are similar, they have different designs, maybe being the most important design difference is that in Mercurial modifying the history is not as flexible as in git (because it is kind of discouraged).

Short answer: it doesn't matter if you have a small amount of changes, you can still use a branch.

If you are thinking about deleting that branch then use a bookmark so you can delete it later and strip the changes afterwards.

First, trying to shed a little light on some of the things you mention: Also, in git you can have "private local branches" because you have to push them explicitly and you can delete them afterwards.

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