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Mental illness is often met with a lot of stigma, meaning there are a lot of negative associations and judgments people have towards these types of struggles.

This can make it very hard for someone suffering from depression or thoughts of suicide to talk about what they are experiencing. As difficult as it can be for someone to talk about their thoughts of suicide, it can be equally difficult to figure out how to help and what to say to someone experiencing these things.

If you notice or have a feeling that someone is thinking about suicide, there are many helpful ways you can....

When we talk about stress, it is important to recognize and remember that everyone experiences it, and it is not a bad thing.

We all need stress in order to function – that little bit of stress you feel before an exam encourages you to do better, and lets you know you care about doing....

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Also, please obey all orders directed to you by administrators or moderators.Note: Overage and underage users are strictly prohibited and you will be banned and/or reported to the authorities.Selling videos or pictures to users will also result in permanent bans. Pedophiles and child exploiters will be reported and full cooperation with all law enforcement agencies will be provided to catch those exploiting children, youths, and teenagers.Seek professional help before you find yourself in prison. Please keep in mind that this website will not be held responsible for any harm done to your children as a result of their own actions.Attention Parents and Guardians: If you have not trained your children to be vigilant about the dangers of the Internet, you need to start now. You understand that chat moderators are staffed but cannot be on at every minute of the day.

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