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The brother of ex-Knicks star Amar'e Stoudemire has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and beating the mother of his child.

The shocking details of Jerrel Stoudemire's arrest were reported by TMZ Sports.

The gossip website reported that Amar'e Stoudemire's younger brother was arrested in Kansas on Monday night for the attack that left the victim naked and unconscious in the basement of her home.

Jerrel Stoudemire, 28, was booked for aggravated battery, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated burglary, aggravated assault and criminal depravation of property, according to the TMZ report.

Kings guard Darren Collison arrested on domestic violence charge The NBA star's younger brother was taken into custody in Hodgeman County, Kansas. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the ex-college football player went to the woman's house and when she arrived he rammed his car into hers.

Stoudemire, 34, who has four children with his wife of five years, Alexis Welch, acknowledges he could be the father of young Zoe Renee, and is paying ,333 a month in temporary child support as a result.

Lovett, 36, is seeking full custody and permanent child-support payments in the suit.

She claims Stoudemire has not been involved in her daughter’s life, nor has he contributed to paying off the ,000 in hospital bills from the birth.

The ex-Knick responded to Lovett’s allegations by calling the suit “frivolous,” as he had been “informed of his paternity several months after the child was born.” Stoudemire said a child-support payment plan has been in place since Nov. Though the lawsuit does not disclose the intimate details of Lovett’s relations with Stoudemire, the NBA vet played one season with the Miami Heat after signing with the club in July 2015.

He inked a two-year deal with Hapoel Jerusalem last August.

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