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Y’all know I’ve been working on growing my hair to Rapunzel-like lengths for quite some time.

My hair was annoying me so much that I got extensions put in over the summer!

Now it’s finally to a length that I’m really happy with, but I didn’t get there by myself. Now, I know a lot of people are skeptical about hair growth products, and I get that. Things like Mane ‘n Tail don’t really make your hair grow.

I wish I could say otherwise, but I had a lot of help along the way from hair growth products. They do make your hair strong though, which helps with the growth process because it reduces breakage.

I’m not saying these products will make you wake up with hair like a Disney Princess, but you will notice a difference.

You won’t get inches of growth, but you will get an accelerated growth along with longer nails and brighter skin.

Check out my favorite products that will help you get longer hair: Viviscal is like a hair super-product.

I got three inches cut off two months ago, and my hair is already longer than it was before I cut it.

It definitely works, but you should of course check with your doctor before taking ANY kind of supplement. I've been taking Biotin since I can remember so I don't particularly notice a lot of growth from it.

But I do notice when I don't take it, my hair feels weak and looks dull.

I notice the biggest difference in my nails, which grow SO fast and get really tough when I'm regularly taking Biotin.

Biotin enhances the proteins that make up your hair.

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