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We’ve all heard of those cheesy “virtual girlfriend” apps that will automatically send you text messages from an imaginary digital lady intended to make your friends jealous, or provide you some semblance of companionship, or...something.

But real-life virtual girlfriends are becoming a thing now, too, thanks to sites like My Girl Fund.

There’s a price, of course, but it’s not a membership fee.

My Girl Fund isn’t quite a cam girl service, although there are “sex cam” options on it; nor is it a sugar baby/daddy hookup site, even though money does change hands in exchange for company.

Described in its FAQ as an “online community where guys and girls are able to interact in a casual and fun environment,” it’s probably closest to a social networking community with an adult spin.

Guys can log on and find girls to be their online-only girlfriends, “sponsoring” them in exchange for interactions.

I’ll chat for hours, even on days they don’t contribute.”And lest you think relationships on My Girl Fund are of the-no-strings-attached variety, know, too, that it can be as tough to end them as it can be to end a real life relationship.

Says Laureleigh about being ghosted by a man in England, “It sucks… It sounds silly, but he was an awesome guy and I could talk to him about anything and everything. for him.”Personally, I’m not sure I’d have what it takes to be a My Girl Fund “virtual girlfriend,” because (as I noted yesterday) I hate people.

All of a sudden he stopped logging on and for months I would continue to send him messages in hopes that he would log in, but it still hasn’t happened… But I actually think this is a pretty great option to have, for both the sponsors and the sponsored.

Women can apparently make up to ,000 working for My Girl Fund, and guys go in knowing exactly what they’re going to get.

It kind of seems limited to heterosexual relationships right now, but maybe in the future it will expand.

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