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I have another theory,and it is valid and my most important original theory. "THE RATIO OF THE DEGREE OF SEXUAL REPRESSION ( HOW UPTIGHT, STRICT, ASHAMED OR EMBARRASSED ABOUT SEX) A RACE OR CULTURE IS, IS IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO THE CONTRAST OF THE COLOR OF THE SKIN TO THE COLOR OF THE PUBIC HAIR". Pale skin- light colored pubes(Think Swedes) VERY OPEN AND FREE ABOUT NUDITY. I'm very obedient and will fullfill all your fantasies, pleasing you in every single way you desire.

You heard it first ,here from me Jack , Sister Punished Hello ,31M Half French/arab from dubai , i'm wondering if you're interested in having a male slave at your feet, i'd be honored to fill this role for you.

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Just call your slut's name and i'll rush to your feet on my hands and knees.As about living too far , my profesional/personal situation allow's me to travel on a regular basis to visit the right person , also take charge of all travel cost's if the right mistress want to visiti me till we get to know each other , After that i may relocate to my mistress or take charge of everything if she wants to relocate to me.I patiently awaits your answer, hoping you'll give me the honor of answering your worthless, but obedient slave.Skype : marwa.marwas1Yahoo: Submissive Slave M I wish I could find a hot girl (or a few), to let me knock them up, then let me and my like-minded wife raise any females created from this.We would raise them as toys, with full knowledge of how they came to be in the world and why.

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