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Star Wars Galactic Republic Consular – Class Cruiser Map.

The Consular-class space cruiser was a starship designed and manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation and used by the Galactic Republic to transport Jedi and diplomats to troubled spots across the galaxy.

Civilian models of the Consular-class cruiser were used for straight-forward transportation and were indistinct.

Crafts of the Consular class in diplomatic service were painted red to declare their diplomatic immunity and to also serve as a warning not to attack.

Red was the color of ambassadorial relations and neutrality for capital ships of the Republic and had been so for many centuries.

During the Clone Wars, these cruisers were painted the same colors as Republic attack cruisers.

Any ship hailing from Coruscant would be painted entirely red; others would only have stripes.

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The mod involves players choosing a faction (for example Jedi, Sith etc.) and trying to become the most powerful being in the universe.The player can find new ores underground, craft weapons like lightsabers and blasters, level up, unlock special equipment and force powers, kill enemies (different for each faction), buy things from the virtual shop and local markets, visit new planets (such as Tatooine, Coruscant etc.) and create bases thanks to Minecraft’s code.Update time: Still humming along with the campaign, though it's taking a good deal longer than I anticipated.Various things keep getting in the way - such as the death of our much beloved goat last week :( - but I also keep having 'creative differences' with myself. I know it like the back of my hand, with it having been a project of mine for many years in one form or another.But the process of transforming it into a playable experience is time-consuming.

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