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Hey there guys i am looking for a pretty detailed write up on replacing the rear main seal on my 1991 jeep has the 4.0 liter and an automatice transmission. Then remove the rear bearing cap, using a wooden dowel to push the top seal out, replace it and the lower seal a dab of RTV on each side of cap and replace and torque to specs.. It's really not a tough task, just takes some time and is really messy and a bit uncomfy without a lift since ya gotta lay down a long time..

Any help on this would be great.thanks in advance for the help I can't give you a detailed writeup atm but I can give an explanation of the process. Now would also be a great time to replace the oil pump and pickup tube or at least clean the pickup tube thoroughly. so all this stuff about having to pull the transmission is not true.i now it would probably be easier to replace the seal with the tranny out but from your explanation it doesnt look like i need to remove the transmission.thanks for the explanation Only ones you must remove the trany are 1 piece rear main seals.2 piece style does not require removing the trany..

The 1 price style ya have to just because that is the only way to get it out.

2 price style is held in by the rear main bearing and easy to get to without remove the trany.

Is there any way of knowing if one has the one piece or two piece seal before going thru all the trouble of taking everything apart? I mean was one more commonly installed at various times than the other during the course of Jeeps being produced?You do not need to remove the tranny it's a 2 piece seal.if it was a 1 piece design then you would have to remove the tranny.Our XJ rear main seals are all 2 piece so you should be good to go with no tranny removal.I Have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Police package ..I have 10" drums vs. With Cherokees there wasn't a 'standard' police package like some other vehicles.

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