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Updated Saturday 9am * Libyan plane hijacked during internal flight * Two hijackers on board claimed to have hand grenade * Passengers started disembarking at 1.50pm * Hijackers seen leaving plane at 3.40pm * Passengers leave Malta early this morning All hostages have been released following a hijack drama at Malta International Airport.

At 3.20pm, the hijackers were seen leaving the plane and surrendering to soldiers following an almost four-hour standoff.

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It is still not known what were their demands though as the drama unfolded it appeared to be result of the bitter Libyan political feud rather than an act of terrorism.

One German report said they were demanding the release of Saif Gaddafi.

The claim was reinforced at 2.50pm when one of the hijackers was seen at the aircraft door waving the former green Libya flag.

Reuters reported that the hijacker had told Libyan TV he is the head of the "pro-Gaddafi party".

But a Libyan minister was later quoted as saying that the two hijackers were seeking political asylum in Malta, a claim later rejected by Dr Muscat.

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