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Actress Sherrie Hewson has admitted she has finally put her marriage heartbreak behind her and is dating someone new.The 66-year-old revealed the happy news of her new union as she returned to Loose Women, four months after leaving the panel of the ITV show.And it all got a bit emotional for the Benidorm star as she discussed daughter Keely’s wedding – and how it brought her face to face with her ex-husband Ken Boyd.Sherrie fought back tears as she recalled how she saw him at the ceremony for the first time since 2002. ‘I didn’t show it because it was my daughter’s wedding, but it back-footed me.’ She went on to explain that after seeing Ken – who cheated on her during their marriage – she actually became unwell.“I hadn’t seen him for 16 years, the stupid thing now is I should have seen him the night before said “hi, how are you? ‘I think it was a virus but I completely shut it down,’ she said of the aftermath of their meeting.‘I just went home and sat there and thought what has happened to me?I just got really poorly, I haven’t faced anything for 16 years.‘Because I’ve had this day and because I got really ill, I thought maybe this will get rid of it all.’ And it sounds as though the actress has moved on from her past heartbreak, as she talked about her new burgeoning romance.

‘So we’ll see where that goes.’ Loose Women continues on Wednesday on ITV at 12.30pm.Martine Mc Cutcheon has discussed the horrors of watching her mum and dad's dysfunctional relationship as a child.The Loose Women star revealed to The Guardian that her father took alcohol and drugs that would alter his behaviour.The 41 year-old actress said: 'Mum suffered domestic abuse at his hands and, when I was a baby, he threatened to drop me over a balcony when he was high.'She stated that as women lusted after her him, her mother began to feel insecure - failing to understand what his 'fascination' with her was.Martine's mother, Jenny Tomlin was tormented by her former husband for a long haul of nine years.

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