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shelf and ramlile thrnuu;h its i)ai Jes hrin^int; tn mind snnie tree which tells Un tales, snilie shady nnnk dnw n ('leaf Creek which \ nu knn\ a tie In ynu. I'his Sargassn is similar tn ;dl the Sari;assns that have j^one hefnre — excej)! :;- menihers like the poor, has always heen with its for " The inereaseil id" our class of ]'l2i) will si^e h^■y^■ when their reunion year cost of fuel, provisions, etc., has niaile u necessary (in comes in I'i Sd, the mo-t daring;- of us cannot venture to l So,i) to advance the price of tuition, hoard, wasliiny;, light, , L;uess. i-:r.\i-:st \irj);s while student is reciting) — "Please rememher that I am not holding yon. snme .u'rnup wliicli lnrmerl\- claimed \niu- time and thn UL;hls in the "o-i,i,(l nld days" when neither wnrk unr studies interfeied with "educatinii ? that it is inihlished h\- the class nf l''2() which shnuld snme dil Terence and we Ik ppe it is tint fnr the wnrse. We can oiil\ hope that the essential spirit of ile- heat, etc., to SS.r OO per session ,,f twent\- weeks;" lint much nmcracy, the simiile idealism, ihc emphasis upon moral as progress has Ijeen made in the matter of charges as in well as intellectual values, which characteri;;ed the hegin- other respects, in the intervening wars, as one can ohserve nings of our institutional life and which is our heritage hy Consulting the latest catalogue. It is ;i mementn ni t i^ liul lypieal of the ex|iansiiin (if the other i^roujis e\en a Ioniser -tei' froni '■Studenl^ are desireil not to of the eiirricnluni. now, he transmitted from class to class until that tinte. "Lectures nn the various Xatural Sciences, anil \ li.

)., Liiiv LTsity uf I'hioa L;" Gi'oli H/y Mufhciiiatics l-u;--l'irsid rni\ersit\- /;■«.;■//.(/, The new liea.l of the Knglish I leparlment has a .system of punctuation all hi- own. When he forms the center of the ■Mel.aters' circle" hetore a con- Music, Chicago Piano The clima.x of ihe triplets, .^he incases her feet in white-lop shoes and her hands in glove- or a nniiif for protection. Ithlrtics "Beshrew me hut I l.her heartily: I-*or she is wise, if I can jud.i^^e of her: And fair she is. I'.ai-ll Kiin wouhl he successful in detecting a smile on hi; lips. (.■ii.\Rr.i':.s, .\.m., I-:arlham iicriiuiii and French Never sliidy « he assign^ ; if it is |-rene e sure to ( .ernian. One only needs to sit at her table to know her life history — and your ow'n short- comings.

Directly or indirectly he turns nut some of the host speakers in the state. L"llivi-l-Mt V nf (1l K-;i-.l njy The K..,f Cil.raltar lie m\er changes his mind His iiiacliiiie is ,,l the make u-r,d,l famous for its iii\-ariahiht' ami e\en the chronological tinier ol his jokes remains the same from \iar lo \ear MAR ril A |)( l AX, S(;.l)., ('iirilell I'liive Tsitx Chemistry. The point is that she funis it, ■■Her looks ,lo argne h.^r replete with modestv : Her w,do Oioiv her «it ineomparahle . her perfections ehallenge -overeigntv.' .\Krnr R ai. ., ."■suarlliini ire I'rcnch Silence was Miss Jenkins' chief failing when she came to Earlham in mid-year, hut a short time in our "big family" found her cured.

K.l" i^ n-t so glum as Ins plml, ,m rapli might suggest, hut has a very genial nature. She mines for the in- nate ahility and qnalitv of e\ery freshman girl nnder her ciating of green.

AI., f 'iihiiiiliia I 'ni\c Tsitv Po Ulical ami Social Science Pean of Men Dean Morris is a li Miig example of wdiat one hour of recre.itioii per week can do for a man, Xot that we to discourage any aspirants for the position, hm it's a Strenuous life.

Bookkccf^in^ Xever say tliat \vimen are the only bargain hunters — here is a man confirmed to the haliil.

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