Is interracial dating dangerous

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It’s a franchise that’s been a trailblazer since its initial incarnation in the ’80s, and remains so today.

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And, like Paul, they gave Delphine a hero’s death, one that signified the ending of a season-long redemptive arc.When you add those things to the fact that Cosima is one of the main four clones and receives equal screen time and story depth, and that is the only show that shrugs at the Born This Way debate because sexual orientation is a non-issue in their universe, and the unapologetic misandry on display on the regular, the sum is an exhilarating and progressive drama.walks the line between being a procedural and being something else altogether, which’s maybe why despite its evident quality, it’s never garnered the audience it deserves.But the romance between computer hacker Root and sociopathic assassin Shaw deserves recognition here because it has been allowed to proceed and flourish on a show in which gets a love story (aside from the never-consumated sexual/romantic tension between Reese and Joss).Root and Shaw get sexual tension when nobody else is even thinking about sex. Every episode where the potential fling between Root and Shaw is explored and literally isn’t flawless in its depiction of queer characters.

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