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Online Dating Service Subject To New York Dating Services Law Court finds that the defendant Internet dating service Great Expectations, also known as GE Management Group of N.

Printed on GE Management forms, these contracts expressly provided that defendant “will provide zero number of social referrals” and “is not promising to furnish the member with any social referrals and the member does not desire or expect the Company to furnish social referrals.” Plaintiff Doe paid 00 pursuant to her contract, which had a six month term, and met no one through the service.Plaintiff Roe paid 90 pursuant to her contract, which had a 36 month term.Appended to her contract was a handwritten notation that indicated she had orally been promised introductions to twelve people through the program. Roe testified she met only one person through the program, who approached her after seeing her posted information.Dissatisfied with the program’s performance, plaintiffs brought suit before New York Civil Court Judge Diane Lebedeff. 1994, Greenfield, J] member profile, photos and video maintained at company’s center for perusal by other members, such services were covered by statute because “It does not matter whether defendant actually matches its members.Fees Charged Exceed Those Permitted Under NY Dating Service Law After a trial, Judge Lebedeff determined that the transactions at issue were subject to New York’s Dating Service Law, General Business Law section 394 (c). It is sufficient if defendant made available the matching of members …

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