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At present, most post-operative transsexual women end up with lesbian women, other transsexuals - or they’re still with the wife they married as a man. Alas, an increasing number seem to be “evolving” to men - regardless of initial orientation.

Thus, the evolution from heterosexual male to lesbian woman only represented a change of “title”.

For many, the waning female attraction is rooted in reduced attraction to a vagina: since they now already have one & “see” it daily.

Also, it’s only natural to want the benefits of the prototypical ying-yang of love.

If you’re a post-operative transsexual female and prefer dating men? Thus, they’ll often - however blatant or subtle to prospective guys: fair warning.

Alas, you simply must bring your A-game because of the level of competition you now entered.

This situation is improving as trans issues become more mainstream - but its far from a level playing field.

Thus, it usually means a post operative TS woman has to be more beautiful, smarter and more fun than her female counterparts in order to be competitive for the same quality guy. Nope - but what about our transsexuality was ever fair?

I’m a big fan of pre-op, earlier stage gals moving beyond any life within “trans-world” ASAP in their journey.

However, for a single, post-op, heterosexual transsexual woman? There’s a growing contingent of these ladies that embrace the idea of a transsexual partner.

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