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After years of speculation and a missed E3 showing, the Nintendo Switch - formerly known by its codename Nintendo NX - has been unleashed upon the world.

The successor to the Wii U and 3DS is a portable handheld console with detachable controllers, with the option to connect to a TV or play standalone in tabletop mode.

This has paved the way for many, many games - which we've listed in entirety in this article to help you work out what to play next.

On this page: For more hardware specifics, including discussion on how the chip might be cooled, a more thorough breakdown on X1 technology and thoughts on the possible CPU set up, read Digital Foundry's extensive Nvidia Tegra codename NX piece.

As much fun as it was to play a game together and then write about it later, it seemed like making a video would be a much better way to share with you all the actual experience of playing a game together, instead to having to hash it together from notes that inevitably left out the best parts.We’d been planning on starting to make Let’s Play videos for the better part of a year, but finding the time and the confidence to finally do it took some time.We did invest in a quality microphone (Blue Yeti) and will probably go ahead and buy a Bandicam license if enough of you like the video.Next, we just need to work on the levels and eliminating the background noise… What does everyone think of the length of the Let’s Play?I cut down 30 mins of video to just 16 mins, but I’m still not sure if that’s too long.

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