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South Africa’s ruling party has ordered Jacob Zuma to step down as president.

It is not clear, however, if Zuma plans to follow the order.

Zuma’s party, the African National Congress, or ANC, made the order on Tuesday. Magaschule said party leaders informed Zuma of their decision after meeting for thirteen hours in Pretoria.

It came after a week of negotiations failed to persuade the president to quit. Zuma has not made an official statement about the decision.

And Magashule said the ANC had not given Zuma an exact time to respond.

But Magashule said he spoke with the president and expects Zuma to respond by Wednesday.

The South African constitution does not require Zuma to agree to his party’s wishes.

But if he refuses to step down, the issue will go to the parliament.

If a majority of lawmakers support the motion, Zuma will be removed.Magashule said Zuma had asked the party to give him three to six months before stepping down.The ANC rejected the request, saying the situation “requires us to act with urgency.” Magashule said the party needs to restore the country’s confidence in their government and work quickly toward economic recovery.A history of scandal Zuma became president in 2009.Since then, he has been linked to a number of scandals. South Africa’s highest court found that Zuma violated the constitution by using about million of public funds to improve his home.

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