Elizabethan dating customs

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Marriage customs of the Elizabethan Era are not much different from the traditional marriages of today.Like some religions, after the formal betrothal the banns were published (the announcement of the couple's intent to marry.) The minister publicly announced in church asking the gatherers if they might have any objection, and if so, to state so before the formal ceremony.If the couple wanted to hurry up the process, a special license from the bishop would be required.Boys were legal to marry at 14, girls at 12, but this was not usually the case.

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Guests would continue to celebrate even after the bride and groom had departed.

Funerals were very elaborate if one was a member of nobility.

The covered coffin was carried to the grave by black clad pallbears.

The long procession of mourners followed wearing hooded cloaks.

The coat of arms was painted on flags, arranged by one of the family heralds. After the funeral, mourners feasted, and money was collected and given to the poor.

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