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Ancestry helps you find your ancestors quickly and easily because it brings up the best possible matches first in your list of search results, as indicated by the number of stars a match receives.The stars show how likely we believe a particular match is to be about your ancestor.Remember, the matches gradually get worse the further down the list you go. Try these general suggestions to improve your results: After completing your initial search, you might want to narrow your search results to those found only in a particular category or database.To get the most out of your search, type in as much information as possible. Simply click on the desired category or database listed to the left of the search results to narrow your results.The more search criteria the search engine has to match against, the more likely it is to pull the best matches to the top of your results list. This will take you to a new search results page that shows you results found only in the chosen category.As you narrow your search to a particular category or database, some of your search options on the left may not apply because you’ve narrowed down to content that does not contain that type of information.

You can also add or change information in your search at any time by using the Refine Your Search section on the left, adding more information, and then clicking the “Search” button.Type in the full name of your ancestor, if you know it.The more information you give search engine to match against, the better results you will get.As you can imagine, it’s a lot easier to find an ancestor named John Smith if you can tell us that his middle name was Ebenezer because there are way fewer John Ebenezer Smiths in the world than there are John Smiths.Ancestry automatically looks for common nicknames, abbreviations and other alternate spellings for you.

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