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Located 30 miles northeast of Mexico City in the Valley of Mexico, Teotihuacn is one of Mexicos most popular archaeological sites and contains some of the largest pyramidal structures built in the pre-Columbian Americas.

Dating back to 100BC Teotihuacn was to become the cultural epicentre of ancient Mesoamerica.

Yet very little is known about its origins, its people and where they came from or what language they spoke for although the civilization left many architectural ruins, no trace has yet been found of a writing system.

The Totonacs have always maintained that they were the ones who built it, something that was accepted by the Aztecs, although this has not been corroborated by archaeological findings.

The original name of the city is also not known, Teotihuacn, which means place of the gods, was given to it by the Aztecs although they never lived in Teotihuacn but visited it as a place of pilgrimage as they believed it was the place where the world was created.

Some scholars put this down to it being sacked by unknown invaders although others suggest that it may have been an uprising of the people against the elite.

Teotihuacn was believed to have been a multi-ethnic city, occupied by Otomi, Zapotec, Mixtec, Maya and Nahua peoples each with their own distinct with the majority of people living in large apartment.

Many of the buildings contained workshops where artisans produced pottery and other goods.

Running along the centre of the city is a broad central avenue, called "Avenue of the Dead" which contained a number of structures.

The avenue was 131 feet wide and stretched for 3 miles, although now only 1.4 miles is discernible.

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