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We all know that first dates can be a little, well, awkward. Even if you get all gutter balls, nothing loosens people up like a little friendly competition!

” Check out this site to find a climbing gym in your area. Kristie says, “Nothing is a better indicator of whether a guy is for me than if we have the same sense of humor, and sometimes you just can’t figure that out over dinner.” 9. If there’s a touristy place in your town that neither of you has been to before, play tourists for the day and go check it out.You’ll have so much fun snapping pics and learning about a new place that you’ll definitely learn about each other as well! Whether you introduce your date to your favorite ethnic cuisine or you try something new to the both of you, taking food risks can be a great bonding experience. If you’re rooting for the same team, it’s a great bonding opportunity — and if your teams are playing against each other, you can place some bets. Maybe you’ll go just to listen to some brave participants, or maybe the two of you will decide to take on the mic yourselves for a duet!Go to Roadside to find some cool sites in your area. “I was the first one to introduce my ex to sushi on our first date,” Rebecca says. Forget stressing out about whether to order the salad or the salmon — with an ice cream date, all you have to worry about is agreeing on your favorite flavors! Sites like Cheap Tickets can help you get discounted tickets to a game. Karaoke bars aren’t so loud that you won’t be able to chat, but entertaining enough so that you won’t have to worry what to chat about next. Spend an afternoon shooting hoops and racing virtual cars.“I loved being the expert and being able to order for him — we ended up spending most of the date just talking about food! Order a giant banana split with every topping possible and two spoons, and you guys can bond afterwards about how stuffed you are. Visit Find Karaoke Tonight or Karaoke to find a karaoke bar near you. “I took my ex from high school to an arcade the first time we hung out,” Mike says. Check out a local band that neither of you has ever heard of — you might be able to say you saw them before they became the next big thing!“I was nervous that we wouldn’t have much in common, but as soon as she beat me at air hockey, I knew I liked her.” A place like Dave & Buster’s is perfect for a combination of food and fun. Local shows are often held in intimate venues, too, which is perfect for conversation between sets.

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