Dating client

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I have been having some really great discussions on here and on Facebook and my websites about the therapeutic relationship and what happens when you become friends with clients or engage in other dual relationships with them -nothing illegal like dating clients or sex of course but trading services like accounting or tax help and seeing clients socially.

I never was taught anything about this and in fact when I started out 22 years ago, massage was more of a lifestyle choice than anything and being friends and even dating was totally OK back then.

Dating clients is now illegal here in WA and a few other states.

Do you feel like you are friends with clients even though you may not see them socially? Of course you don't have to answer them all and can add your own thoughts on the topic.Basically what I am wanting to know is how many people see their clients socially successfully and if there are massage therapists who also choose not to see their clients socially.I am wanting to learn what is being taught in massage schools about all of this. Is a man around my age that he was my client for 2 years.Thanks very much Julie Onofrio Angela, Be up front and honest with him about how you feel. If you know he has/had feelings and you start trading that might make you feel uncomfortable and create tension in your relationship. I remember the first day I met him and went to his place.He was very respectable but hours later when I finished the massage, he called me and ask me out for a date.

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