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For more information, please visit the WFCP World Congress 2018 website.26 April 2017 TAFE NSW announced today a new network of industry relationship centres know as Skills Points, which will become a focal point of training delivery.

The number of students in government-funding training at TAFE grew by 15% during 2016, while numbers at all other providers declined, according to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research ...

We are delighted to announce that Leigh Sales will return to TDA’s annual event, acting as MC for the 2018 World Congress.

You can request help online or call 1-877-557-2575.

Before contacting the FSA Ombudsman Group, use this checklist to gather the information you’ll need to discuss the dispute with them.

The 2018 World Congress will focus on action based solutions to these challenges.

Maximum Loan Length: 10-30 years Frequency of Payments: Varies Prepayment penalties: None Fees: None You apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan through Student Once you sign in to Student using your personal identifiers and Federal Student Aid PIN, you will be able to electronically complete the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Application and Promissory Note.

If you can’t pay the full amount due on time or have to miss a student loan payment, your loan may be considered delinquent and you may be charged late fees.

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