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The perfect home, perfect spouse, perfect body, perfect job, perfect church.In 1976, our family moved from Dallas to Little Rock and bought a little yellow three-bedroom frame house with a porch and white shutters.It was far from perfect—more like filthy, musty and dusty.But after a good six months of remodeling, that house ended up being just fine for our little family of four.I remember my dad coming to visit us there on Ashley’s second birthday to help me put up some molding in her bedroom.We laughed about going to the hardware store to look for “quarter-inch putty” in hopes of filling the gap we’d left between the molding trim and the ceiling!But after seven years and three more children, our cute little three-bedroom house was approaching the population density of Hong Kong.So in search of perfection, we moved west to the woods—just next to the edge of the earth, it seemed.

It took us two and a half Ryder truckloads to make that move—everything from swing sets to wagons, stuffed animals and dolls, Barbara’s watercolors and my fishing and hunting gear.And even though it proved to be a great move for our family, this house hasn’t been perfect either, nor have the children, the neighbors, Barbara or me.In fact, we’ve quit looking for perfect—either in houses or in each other.Instead, we’re learning by God’s grace to realize that He alone is perfect.And that the only perfect place we’ll ever live will be our last move, when we go to live with Him forever in heaven. PRAY Until you get to heaven, pray that you two can be satisfied with what God gives you, and never more in love with anything than you are with Him.

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