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Minecraft / Murder Mystery Monday / I'm the Murderer! Dollastic : IP: net FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: chadalanofficial music: Kevin Mac Leod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 i made the almost all the part of the murder song and I was inspired by chad then dollastic There parts are at the start ! A spoon or fork So first you need to get your supplies out then pour as much flour as you want but most likely if you want a fist size then probably a have of a cup then pour in a little water then mix it up but if there's to much flour just add more water but not a lot but if it's still not enough then just a little more water it works SEROUSLY I have a pan full and I'm taking some to school so that way everyone can feel it and they can make there own Facts About Me: I'm Ten years old In fourth grade GREAT at spelling if I do say so myself Brown hair sky blue eyes and pretty smart So those are so facts about me and if you deicide to make some then it might get a little sticky but it's worth it!!!

I like to murder, MURDER I like To murder, MURDER She likes to murder, MURDER He likes to murder, MURDER We LIE to MURDER, MURDER We Like to murder, MURDER I got murdered, MURDERED I died.

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