Adult date skype

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Microsoft’s radical redesign of Skype isn’t going down well.While Android users have had access to the new Skype design for a month, the refresh only debuted on i Phone a couple of weeks ago.Ratings of the Skype app on Apple’s App Store have plummeted worldwide since the new Skype launched.In the UK App Store Skype is now rated at just 1 star, while ratings have fallen from 3.5 stars in the US to just 1.5 stars.The same is happening across European App Store ratings for Skype, and the feedback appears to be very similar.

People weren’t necessarily happy with Skype before, but this update has triggered a visceral reaction to change.Microsoft has radically redesigned Skype this time to focus more on messaging, and it has changed what people are used to with Skype.Instead of fixing the many issues around Skype’s notification and sync unreliability, Microsoft has painted over the obvious problems with new features that let you use emoji in video calls and a Highlight option that’s very similar to Snapchat.Other popular messaging services like Whats App and Facebook Messenger have largely stuck to the basics without overhauling their design constantly.Whats App’s success comes from its simplicity and ability to use an adaptive design on each platform to match the default messaging experience that you’re used to.

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